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The way you want it painting, painting your house now, paint delivery to the site and painters paid after the labor is substantially completed. Pro Painters who want to produce quality work and succeed.

Our team is focused on beset practices and special care in the planning which contribute to the reduction o f expenses to meet the budget guidelines and in establishing long term relationships in Happy Customers and Repeat Business. We are fully committed to producing results in a timely manner while making a positive difference in the community. C-US-1ST Pro Painters Calgary complete drywall repair and our group expertise includes Carpentry, Knock-down, Stipple, Texture, as well as affiliate Trade Pros. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration, we are accepting invitations to bid and estimate the work. Let's talk about it. 

Let us know...

Is the Property Renovated, Under Construction, or involving Water Damage?

What other Trades are scheduled to work in what areas of the property? When?

Are there Floors installed?

Tell us the square footage and ceiling height?

When do you want the Painting work completed?

What to Expect...

Home Owner Responsibility: The Paint colors are selected in advance and the Paint is purchased and delivered. The Owner(s) are welcome to get involved in the process by attending the Paint Store or requesting your Calgary Pro Painter to do color matching and discuss color and sheen with you. Specialty color matching such as stains that require a wood sample be stained by the Painter in advance to ensure you will love the results. In this case a nominal fee can be reimbursed to cover expenses to purchase product samples. When having custom carpentry and solid wood to be installed, please request the supplier provide additional samples for your Painter to test the finish. This may seem tedious, but the time taken now to be sure of the end result will provide you the peace of mind needed. You don't like surprises and we want to ensure that you are the Happy Customer you deserve to be by following due process and a code of ethics.

Commercial Contracts, Prime Contractors & Alberta Child Occupied Facilities: Our team know the scope of work before getting to the site and have discussed the safety plan and ERP in advance of attending the site, where applicable, and for over-height work. We prefer to work smaller teams of four (4) to six (6) Painters with up to two (2) laborers , as needed. Any equipment required will be organized in advance by the Prime Contractor and/ or the Sub-Contractor, not the Owner.


Professionals arrive.  On Day One (1) The Painter will greet who is onsite, and walk through the site. Tools and equipment will be unload to a place on the property which is safe and easily accessible to the Painter(s).  The site is setup as required. During the course of the work the Owner and/ or Occupants may not interfere with the job. For purposes of reducing and eliminating any risk of injury or interruption with production, only the paint team may work in any particular area to be painted. We work alongside other trades, as they are familiar with job site protocols and respect is granted for good housekeeping and steady results can be had. 

Access is to be provided to the Painter. A key copy, a code, a lock box - any is acceptable. We will be leaving our gear onsite and have an expectation to access it, during regular business hours, until complete. The property must be locked and secured daily. Depending on the scope of work, the Painter may not leave any gear behind. This may change daily depending on what work is being performed. The Work Begins and continues until complete. This includes fill, dap, sand, dust, prime, paint, stain, site clean up. For repaints on properties built after 1980 and with confirmed water-based paint existing on the walls, additional power sanding can be offered in addition to further smoothing surfaces with fill. This will give the proper texture consistency you expect from the sheen selected. Also, we have faced sites where an inexperienced painter completely failed on new construction painting by simply not dusting in advance of applying the paint. In this case we would absolutely ensure all the wall surfaces are sanded and dusted in advance of the repaint at a discounted rate to the homeowner. It's a shame when everybody "becomes a painter" and doesn't bring the expertise the first time. 

A walk through is always completed when the Painter(s)  has finished their work. Any deficiencies will be addressed then the final invoice will be prepared within twenty-four (24) hours. Payment is due as per the terms extended by the company.

Please ensure the party responsible for payment is available before we leave the site and after the deficiencies are addressed, if any. Owners pay for the Painter Labor and Materials, Supply of Consumables. C-US-1ST will pay GST on New Customer House Painting.

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Trade Pros, B-Yourself 

Thank you to all our affiliate companies for reliably producing quality work. 

We Love You Sally Painters, the lady painters who are so pleasing in the aspects of work they are responsible for. 


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Good housekeeping and safety program are followed by C-US-1ST and affiliate company of painters painting on your property. We strive to provide honest, reliable, transparent residential and commercial painting services. We combine the industry's best products with our passion and attention to the details.

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C-US-1ST Professional Painters work around your busy schedule and our house painters consult with you on all aspects of color selection and coordination of the schedule to ensure the work is completed.

During the course of our work we often come across amazing trades people who directly contribute to our success and some benefit from our business development program, B-YOURSELF.

Once the work is completed, the Painter and Owner will do the walk-through to sign off and approve the work. Deficiencies are completed prior to release of the final payment.

Dani C.


Thank you in advance for considering us first as we are pleased to accept your invitation to discuss your needs further. My preferred work places me in a position to apply myself and my team while making a positive difference in the community. I enjoy connecting with people to better understand their motivations as this has an incredible impact on the quality of service delivered by C-US-1ST.

C-US-1ST produces effective solutions in renovations, upgrades, development, graphic design, and home services in both doing the work and acting project manager for complex orders involving specialized trades. Although this trade work can be specific, C-US-1ST will always invest back into the community by making the necessary time to hire locals and support new entrepreneurs who cross our path. Affiliate companies &  3rd Party Trades and Entrepreneurs may contact us via email to: 

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